The creator


My name is Vanessa Izmirlian and I live in Highland Beach, Florida. I was born in South Florida but moved to Connecticut with my family when I was 8 years old. We ventured our way back to South Florida when I turned 13 and have been back in Highland Beach ever since. I've always had a passion for a personal venture, but mindful of benefiting others in the process. After graduating high school, I worked at several different jobs and quickly realized that becoming a small business owner was my goal. When I was 18, I dealt with harassment issues with several managers in my first job. Realizing my self-worth and channeling my positivity, I wanted to experience more out of life in this beautiful world. I took the money I saved from that job and started to venture out. I met some amazing people and together, started attending festivals and growing a love for the EDM community which I believe has truly shaped me into the person I am today. The fashion at these festivals was incredible and was something I truly admired. The individuals at these venues honestly expressed their choices and how their personalities fit into their style of clothing. I also quickly learned that keeping up with this style was getting pretty expensive. Slowly I started to rip clothing apart and made a new shirt or skirt from it. It wasn't perfect, but I loved how it made me feel and how easy it was and fun. My friends and I would dye and use stencils to create shirts as well. I loved bohemian styles and anything that looked surfy. I always knew I loved fashion, but hated retail and full-priced clothing. Slowly, throughout college, I started going to resale stores, buying up-cycle clothing inspired by several movements about recycling. Our society must understand that purchasing items secondhand helps prevent the costs and pollution created with mass production of new clothes. These inspirations along the way transformed me into who I am today. I love my life and couldn't be more excited about my venture that not only helps the planet but also leaving people feeling confident in my up-cycle clothing.